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Are you looking for a marathon shirts maker in Malaysia who can deliver high quality running shirts for you order? Then look no further. Here, we can design and print sports shirts or t-shirts for marathons, individual fitness runs and charity marathon events.

We mostly deals in processing and delivering running t-shirts ordered in bulk. Whether you want running shirts for a marathon, half-marathon, relay, charity fundraiser, color run or zombie run, we got you covered. Place an order today and we will swing into action and deliver the best designs.

Importance of Wearing Running T-Shirts during a Marathon

One of the main reasons avid runners go for marathon shirts is because of the greater comfort these outfits offer during runs. If you’re organizing a charity fundraiser marathon, then customized marathon shirts should be at the top of the list of things you need. That will ensure participants enjoy the run irrespective of the number of miles they have to cover.

Some of the key benefits of wearing running shirts or t-shirts include:

  • Super moisture-wicking outfits making running comfortable.
  • Marathon shirts are lightweight, which makes running even less tiresome.
  • They can allow you cover many miles fast without feeling the heat.
  • Charity marathon t-shirts show unity towards a common cause to help the poor or disadvantaged.
Marathon Running Shirts

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Types of Materials Used In Making Running Shirts

Synthetic Fabric

This type of fabric is breathable and can absorb sweat easily to keep you cool throughout the run or workout. Synthetic fabrics are also lightweight considering they don’t usually hold moisture.


Calico is a natural material that comes from unprocessed cotton. The fabric is usually soft, breathable and highly absorbent. It’s environmentally friendly hence ideal for making marathon shirts.

Microfiber Cloth

This synthetic material is made from denier fiber and is usually constructed of nylon, polyester or both. The fabric wicks moisture easily hence a great choice for running or marathon t-shirts.

Why Choose To Order Running Shirts From Us?

We had been in tailoring industries in Johor for many years. We boast of a highly experienced tailor team who can deliver orders precisely according to your specifications. And with our high quality running shirts materials, we ensure you enjoy the most comfortable experience when running.

Here are more reasons why you should choose us:

  • We charge an all-inclusive pricing for all the services we offer
  • We can give discounts on orders made in bulk
  • Our turnaround times are very fast
  • We offer deliveries on all orders, whether big or small

Order Your Staff Work Clothes for Your Staff with Us

If you like to work with us for your running shirts or marathon shirts, contact us today or order with us now.


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