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If you’re looking for custom performance shirts in Malaysia, the best thing to do is to approach a professional performance uniforms maker. Whether it is fitness, dancing or yoga performance shirt, customers can always get the best designs at very affordable prices. Experienced industry tailors can incorporate everything the customer needs from logos, laces and other forms of embroidery.

Importance of Wearing Performance Shirts

According to dancing and martial arts experts in Malaysia, the type of clothing you choose influences your performance. Wearing the right shirt or clothing can boost one’s confidence which will lead them to perform better. Well fitted dancing or martial art clothes offer support in the right areas, which makes it easier for a person to carry on with performance quite easily.

Other key advantages of wearing performance shirt include:

  • Increased comfort due to release of excessive heat from the body
  • Customized performance shirts identify one with a given team
  • Well-fitted performance shirts improves one’s freedom of movement

Types of Performance T-Shirt Materials 


Cotton is one of the widely used fabrics for making customized performance shirt. Unlike synthetic polyester fabric, cotton comes with less post-workout stench. However, cotton tends to absorb more moisture during intense activity or performance. But pima cotton and spandex can offer greater comfort.


In Malaysia, polyester is largely used in workout fabrics because of its ability to support a body’s natural temperature. Basically, the fabric is durable, breathable, lightweight, wrinkle-resistant and non-absorbent. It also repels UV rays and insulates the wearer even when it is wet. However, its main drawback is that it stinks after performance because its synthetic material fosters bacteria growth and does not dry quickly.

Wushu Performance Shirts

Wushu Performance Shirt

Ordering Performance Shirts Customers from Us

We are doing a local online supplier in Malaysia and we always ready to make performance shirts and t-shirts based on customer specifications. The design of the shirts will mostly depend on the kind of performance they’ll be used for. It’s upon the customer to decide on the kind of design to go for; based on the activity they’re going to use it for.

Some of the customized performance shirts and t-shirts available in the market include:

  • Lion dance performance shirts
  • Dancing performance shirts
  • Wushu martial arts performance shirts
  • Yoga performance t-shirts
  • Wrestling shirts


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