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In Malaysia, nothing is better than having your own branding printed T-shirts for your workers to promote your product.  Printed T-shirts that create for a group of people like industries, companies or clubs are the best marketing strategy to help improve your brand name and reputation.

Why Need Your Own Printed T-Shirts?

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There is no denying that printed T-shirts offer great comfort and calm. Moreover, keeping in view the fact that men and women’s adoration to wear impressive and stylish T-shirts either at parties or hang out with friends has become a common trend, we designed shirts for employees.

No doubt, comfort is the first priority for everyone regardless of gender, age and class; they all need at everywhere i.e., enjoying and serving at a club, working in an industry or company. Moreover, T-shirts printed with firm’s logo not only represent the particular corporation or industry but also do marketing for it.

Thus, it is the great opportunity for you to turn your company’s employees into ambassadors. Besides the word staff, you can get company or event printed logo. We design your shirts as you want. Screen printing covers the front side as well as the back side of the designed shirts.

You can look for varies type of T-shirt printing method in Malaysia according to the cost and quality requirement.

What Are The Steps Before Ordering Your Custom T-Shirt Printing?

Before approaching a tailor or T-shirt maker, an individual or company must have an idea of what they want the t-shirts to look like. Right from material, to size and colour all through to logo placement, one should be able to picture the kind of T-shirt they need for the event. Below are 3 simple steps to follow when ordering for custom-made team t shirts:

1) Select the T-Shirt

The individual or company must first select the type of T-shirts they want the custom t-shirt maker to personalise. Some of the key aspects to consider here may include the size, color and material.

2) Create Personalized T-Shirt

After selecting the desired T-shirt, the next step is to personalise it by adding texts, images and/or logos that befit the event in which you’re going to use them. Most of the custom t shirt makers have designers who can help complete the job perfectly.

3) Make an Order

Once everything is up to the individual or company’s expectation, the last step is send your design to us and making an order of the desired quantity. We will then custom make the t-shirts based on the specifications given and make delivery to the customer.

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