Sports Jackets

Sports Jackets

 Custom Sports Jackets Maker In Malaysia

In Malaysia, wearing sports jackets or custom jackets is one of the best ways of getting into the game looking like a pro. Custom embroidered sports jackets are perfect for both players and coaches engaging in various sporting activities.

From biking jackets to football team jackets all through to baseball jackets, a team can always order for customized jackets for the upcoming game or event. Customers are welcome to choose from a variety of colours, embroidery and style options that will uniquely represent their team.

Importance of Having Sports Team Jackets

Sports jackets can not only be personalized for the players and coaches but also for athletes, fans and family members. The custom jackets are a way of identifying with or showing resilient support for a given sports team.

Biking or playing baseball with customized jacket designs and colors can also foster team unity, which will result in better performance.

Other key benefits of wearing sports jackets include:

  • Well-customised sports jackets can create an impression to both fans and opponents
  • They foster coordination during gameplay which ensures better performance
  • High-quality and lightweight sports jackets guarantee comfort while playing
  • Custom jackets can be personalized for use in all-weather conditions
 Sports Jackets

Sports Jackets

Type of Material That Can Be Used For Sports Jackets


Polyester is one of the commonly used fabrics in sportswear manufacture. The material is durable, wrinkle-resistant, breathable and lightweight, which makes is perfect for any sports activity.

Nylon-Cotton Blend

This type of fabric is designed to add elasticity and proper moisture absorption at the same time. Jackets made from this fabric can offer great performance even in the sweatiest conditions. They are also durable and easy to wash.

Major Custom Jackets Found In the Malaysia Market 

Currently, there are plenty of jacket designs ideal for players, coaches and fans. These jackets can be customized with logos, texts and embroidery unique to a given team.

Some of the custom jackets available in the market include

  • Biker jackets
  • Football team jackets
  • Swim team jackets
  • Baseball team jackets
  • Basketball team jackets
  • Club jackets
  • Dance team jackets


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