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Nowadays, high quality staff uniforms and staff work clothes are becoming more and more popular in Malaysia. The staff uniforms are suited for many working environments including restaurants, bars, resorts, cafes, hairdressers, retail stores as well as corporate staff.

Proper staff work clothes are reflect the reputation of the business that customers can relate with. To achieve that, we can customize your work or staff uniforms with logos, staff names, titles and even flags. With our comprehensive embroidery service, you can get uniforms that perfectly fit your workers and the venue they operate in.

Importance of Wearing Staff Work Clothes

Many companies and businesses adopt staff work clothes due to industry demand for brand exposure. When employees in restaurants, hospitals or department stores wear uniforms, customers can feel comfortable when making orders or asking for assistance.

Work uniforms can create an attractive business image that will bring in new customers and retain them. The staff uniforms also provide a perfect opportunity to promote your brands through displaying corporate logos and colours.

Here are other benefits of using staff or corporate uniforms:

  • Uniforms create a sense of belonging for employees
  • They make it easier for customers to identify with the staff
  • Staff uniforms eliminate the need for a company to create and enforce dress codes
  • They improve security in the workplace
  • They act as an advertising tool for the company’s products and services

Types of Fabrics Used In Making Staff Uniforms 

Staff Uniforms

Staff Uniforms Sample

Cotton and Polyester Blend

This type of blended fabric material tends to durable and can stand up to stains and frequent washing. They’re ideal for making aprons for restaurant or hotel servers.

Pure Cotton

A fabric made from pure cotton is more breathable and comfortable to wear. Cotton fabrics can be great for making server shirts, polo shirts, dress shirts and/or screen printed t-shirts.


Polyester fabrics are lightweight, comfortable and insulating. They’re particularly best for servers working in cooler and air-conditioned environment.


Teflon fabric is stain resistant hence ideal for making chef or server’s uniforms. It eliminates the need for changing in case of a spillage as stains can easily be wiped away.

Why Choose To Order Your Staff Uniforms From Us?

Housekeeping Staff Uniform For Women

Housekeeping Staff Uniform For Women

We promotes high quality Uniform that provide simple and fast staff work clothes ordering. We able to make the work uniforms with the wearers in mind, which ensures each staff member looks and feels great in their new outfits. And with our competitive pricing model, you can be assured of getting the greatest value for your money.

Other reasons why you should choose us include:

  • We offer quick deliveries on all orders
  • Our returns policy is hassle-free
  • We offer significant discounts on bulk orders
  • We provide personalized service, regardless of the size of your business

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