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Finding a school uniforms maker in Malaysia who can perfectly design custom kids’ school uniform as well as high school uniform is never an easy job. That’s simply because designing an entire set of uniform involves a lot of works. However, local experienced online and local uniform makers can find the job quite a breeze. They can easily design school shirts, shorts, trousers, jumpers & cardigans, coats, ties and socks for boys. Girls can also get the best designs of dresses, shirts, polo shirts, skirts, shoes, trousers, socks and all uniform.

Importance of Wearing School Uniforms

One of the main reasons why most schools encourage students to wear uniform is mainly because they want to maintain balance and order among students. In fact, studies have shown that school uniforms eliminate cases of bullying in many schools as students view each other as equals.

Other key benefits of wearing school uniforms include:

  • Increased sense of pride and spirit
  • Reduced economic and social class barriers
  • Increased sense of self-discipline 
  • Focus and effectiveness in learning processes

Types of Materials Used for School Uniforms 


Cotton is one of the most commonly used materials for school uniforms. This long-lasting fabric is used for production of both boys and girls outfits. Woven cotton is particularly breathable and can the kid’s temperatures cooler as they run up and down while playing.


Polyester is also largely used by many school uniform producers in making custom school outfits. The material is also long-lasting, making it ideal for making school jumpers, skirts, pants and shirts. It is also wrinkle resistant, which makes it easier for school to run around stress-free.

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