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Medical professionals are not only identified by their skill but also by the kind of uniform they wear.

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Nursing Uniforms Maker in Malaysia

With the availability of experienced online nurse scrubs makers in Malaysia, it is now easier for nurses to order for nursing uniforms. Wearing a nursing uniform not only shows adherence to the work dressing code but also portrays some level of professionalism. The good thing is that a hospital, medical center or clinic can order for customized nurse scrubs online at affordable prices.

The management or nurses are free to choose their favourite fabric, colour and logos to put on the scrubs or medical uniforms. Majority of the nursing uniforms come in unisex V-neck tops that feature a set of sleeves, left chest pocket and comfortable side vents.

Importance of Wearing Medical Uniforms

Apart from adding a touch of professionalism to one’s career, nursing uniforms come with sufficient number of pockets for putting pens, pencils, paper among other things important for work. Ordering for custom embroidered scrubs ensures one wears a personalised work outfit that adds some level of distinction without sacrificing on professionalism.

Customized scrub pants and medical uniforms are also important because:

  • Stretchable scrub designs are incredibly comfortable and stylish to wear
  • Perfectly fitting scrubs look smart on any nurse that wears them
  • Majority of the nursing uniforms are affordable compared to formal outfits used in other fields
  • Nursing uniforms can comfortably be worn with any type of closed or slip-one shoes

Nursing Uniforms

Nurse Scrubs Sample

You can find out more about the factors to consider when choosing a hospital nurse uniform design.

Types of Materials Used In Making Nurse scrubs


Scrubs made from 100 percent cotton fabric tend to offer the highest level of softness, comfort and durability. All-cotton nurse scrubs are less sheer than other types of fabrics and that eliminates the see-through effect. However, cotton scrubs can take time to launder, are prone to wrinkles and are more expensive to buy compared to polyester or cotton blends.


Available at reasonably lower prices, 100 percent polyester scrubs offer greater resistance to wrinkles and tend to dry more rapidly. Polyester also comes with a lightweight feel and provides a cooler and hassle-free option for the hospital environment.

Polyester and Cotton Blend

These types of scrubs usually feature a blend fabric of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton. The result is an inexpensive, wrinkle-resistant and easy-to-dry scrub fabric. The user can also enjoy low maintenance, above average durability and dependable outfit for nursing environment.

Why Order Nursing Uniforms With Us

Nursing Uniforms Malaysia

Nursing Uniform Sample

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