Band Uniforms

Performance Band Uniforms

Performance Band Uniforms Maker in Malaysia

Are you looking for customized marching band or performance band uniforms that will ideal for your event in Malaysia? Then don’t worry because you’re in the right place. We have a huge library of garments that will perfectly fit your band.

From coats and bibbers to gauntlets to shakos and plumes, to shoulder cords all through to cancer awareness uniform, we can get you everything you need for band matching. Our team of designers can customize your band uniforms with colors and embroidery that match the theme of the concert you are participating in. contact us today to make an order.

Importance of Band Uniforms during Performance Event

Many high schools and colleges in Malaysia do participate in marching band competitions which guarantees a prize to the winner.

Usually, the best band is not only judged by their visual and musical performance but also on their unique appearance. With proper band uniforms, you can easily impress the general public, audience and judges to secure the competition prize.

Performance band uniforms are also important in the following ways:

  • Performance band uniforms reflect on the appearance and behaviour of the entire band group
  • They are a major part of celebrating national holidays
  • Marching bands can be used to create cancer awareness or raise funds for the same
Performance Band Uniforms

Band Uniforms Design Sample

Types of Materials That Can Be Used For Performance Band Uniforms

Pure Cotton

Cotton fibres are soft to handle, comfortable to wear and do not hold in moisture for too long. The downside to cotton is that it’s more expensive and tends to lose shape quite easily.


Polyester is one of the best alternatives used in making performance band uniforms. It has strong resistance to creasing, wicks moisture easily and is quite resilient and cheaper.

Cotton Polyester Blend

The blended fabric features certain proportions or cotton and polyester mixed together to offer more practical performance. It easier to wash and iron and offers greater durability.

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