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Medical professionals are not only identified by their skill but also by the kind of uniform they wear.

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Malaysia Custom Uniform Maker for Your Team

If you’re looking for a custom uniform design in Malaysia that will best fit your students or company workers, then working with an experienced uniform maker is very important.

Custom designed uniforms are not only good looking but also instil a sense of belonging to the institution or company.

Whether it is school uniforms, office uniforms, staff uniforms or nursing uniforms, there are plenty of designs to explore. Custom uniforms can be in the form of shirts (long or short sleeved) or t-shirts made from different materials.

Why You Need Customized Uniform?

Custom-made uniforms are largely used by schools, institutions and companies to instil a sense of identification and belonging. That ensures everyone is working in harmony with the laid down rules or requirements. Other key benefits of using custom uniforms in institutions and businesses include:

  • Brings out a sense of professionalism in hospitals, companies and businesses
  • Creates order at work or business
  • Ensures there are standards for workers in different levels
  • Uniform customization (with logos, images and text) instills confidence among customers

Types of Custom Uniforms Services

School Club Society Uniform

School Club Society Uniform

School Uniforms

Tailors can design custom uniforms for school going kids at affordable costs. From shots, to shirts and sweaters all through to blazers and ties, uniform makers can design unique pieces of clothing for school children.

Custom uniform makers like us can also help you to customize club society uniform, school band uniform and jerseys for school sports teams including baseball, basketball, football, softball, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse and more. Team uniforms can be printed in bulk to ensure the team has enough supply of jerseys.

Office and Work Uniforms

If you are looking for an outfit for the office, boardroom or just pieces that can double as casual and corporate wears, a custom uniform maker can help. Experienced designers can help you get a complete set of corporate uniform including shirts, blouses, suits, blazers and skirts among other outfits.

Shop and Staff Uniforms

Custom uniform makers can design a complete set of work clothes for shop or store salespersons, marketers, supervisors and other company workers. They can also make custom uniforms for restaurant and bar staff like waiters/waitresses and bartenders. These staff uniforms can be designed with custom logos, images and texts that reflect the vision of the business.

Doctor and Nursing Uniforms

Medical professionals are not only identified by their skill but also by the kind of uniform they wear. Tailors can design unique doctor’s aprons, operation theatre dress, nurse scrubs, doctor’s apparel, patient uniforms and more. These uniforms are made from high quality polyester, pure cotton, ply PV fabric, mix of polyester among other materials.

About Our Custom Uniform Services In Malaysia

We are an online-based and local uniform makers in Malaysia who help you to tailor your custom uniforms and deliver according to the specifications given.

We are work closely with the customer to ensure the custom uniforms are up to the standards. If you have already designed a school or business logo, you can upload the original work to the uniform makers online who can work towards printing out the best fit.

We will receive the design from the customer to proceed with the tailoring services but we can also help with some creative work if designing a company or school logo is a problem. After putting together all the required logos, images and texts, the tailor will print the shirts or t-shirts and have them ready for delivery.

Know More about Our Custom Uniform Services

To find out more about our custom uniform services or want to order your desired customize uniform for your team, simply contact us and make an order now.

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