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As school co-curriculum activities become more and more important in Malaysia, school co-curriculum T-shirts with comfortable and sweat absorbable clothing material play an important role to student’s performance.

Polo shirts are a great choice for School co-curriculum T-shirts because of the comfort and the semi-professional look of these T-shirts. Many schools prefer to dress their pupils in attractive, well-designed, comfortable and universal polo shirts.

There is a lot of debate as to whether uniforms should be imposed on students or they will be given the liberty of casual dress code, but schools have combined both these preferences, and so polo shirts for co-curriculum activities has been the secrets of their popularity.

Polo shirts for School co-curriculum T-shirts give a wonderful option to get comfortable, and at the same time not experience formal wear’s stiffness and looks presentable. They also possess the stretch ability needed to do outdoor co-curricular activities like playing sports. Especially these shirts are a part of junior kid’s uniform widely, but is preferred more by high schoolers for doing co-curricular activities over any other alternatives.

School co-curriculum T-shirts should be attractive, comfortable for the child in accordance with school’s administration choice for the best design and colour scheme like say the colour can be different for girls and boys, and also can help distinguishing one class from another. The school logo can be put on the shirt back if you want a larger size or on the left side of the chest.

For the designs part, it can be a traditional t-shaped shirt having two or three-button placket, also can be innovative having original colour combinations with long or short sleeves for the summers and winters.

School Co-curriculum T-Shirts

School T-Shirts Sample

Know More about Salient Features of School Co-curriculum T-shirts

School co-curriculum T-shirts made with best cotton are not merely a customer demand but it is your right to select for yourself. Good quality cloth selection and appearance of your school is quite important like faculty and management of school. Certain properties of school co-curricular t-shirts are as follows:

  • Unique Dress codes and design for school uniforms
  • Dirt repelling fabric
  • Stretchable quality of cloth
  • Matching caps, hats and socks
  • Each size chart uniform for each standard class
  • Stylish patterns
  • Solid bright color uniform base
  • Affordable rates

Why Choose Our Tailoring Services?

MY Shirt Tailor are the local T-shirt maker in Johor, Malaysia. We are willing to help you to design your school co-curriculum shirt in bulk with various size and colour. Ordering from us and you will get the reasonable and affordable price from us.

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