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Malaysia Custom Company T-Shirts Maker

In Malaysia, custom company t-shirts provide an opportunity for one to jumpstart his or her business promotion. Working with a business t-shirt maker can help come up with products that will promote a given brand without really spending much cash. With a small budget, a company can acquire a number of t-shirts or custom tees to be used in pushing the brand to the market.

Why Wearing Custom Company T-Shirts?

Custom company t-shirts or tees are an effective marketing campaign tool that can be used to get to the customer quite easily. Whether worn by company workers or given to customers as prize offers, the t-shirts can do much in improving the company image.

Some of the key benefits of using custom company t-shirts include:

  • Unlimited brand exposure to a wide Malaysia market
  • Allows the company to expand business outreach without spending much in their advertisement
  • Custom company t-shirts worn by employees enhances instant brand recognition
  • Screen-printing by t-shirt makers allows for the company to put business logo, image or text related to business brand
Company T-shirts

Company Polo T-shrts

Type of Materials Used For Company T-Shirt Printing 

Pima, Supima

Pima,Supima the highest quality of cotton fabric that contains extra long generic fibers from the farms. This cotton is resistant to fading, pilling and stretching and is usually softer to wear.

Organic Cotton

This type of cotton is grown and cultured with minimal or no use of fertilizers and pesticides. It is softer and tends to be more expensive.

Combed Cotton

With this type of cotton, fine brushes are used in a process that seeks to eliminate short strands while straightening the fibers. The resulting fabric is smoother, softer and stronger.

Modal Cloth

It is a form of rayon that’s made from plant fibers. The material has a beautiful look, slinky feel and resists shrinking. However, it is prone to pilling especially when you use a dryer.

Linen Cloth

Linen fibers are extracted from flax plant and it forms a textured weave that dries quickly. Though it’s cool to wear, it wrinkles easily.

Jersey Cloth

Features a stretchy knit made from either cotton or synthetic blend. It is very flexible and comfortable to wear.

Things to Consider When Doing Custom Company T-Shirt Printing 

When designing custom company t-shirts one needs to choose the right logo, image and text that will represent the desired brand perfectly. Also, whether the company is going for conventional t-shirts or polo t-shirts, there is need to choose the right material, size and color too.

Companies can always work with t-shirt designers to come up with a perfect fit in all these aspects. After designing, the company can make an order for the t-shirts from a local tailor in Malaysia.

Why Choose Us for Custom Company T-Shirt?

We are a Malaysia local online shirt supplier which provide you with satisfied t-shirt supply. We will ensure each of the T-shirts we deliver are in good condition and quality.

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