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Family T-shirts are a terrific way to show your spirit and make your family reunion memorable.

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Team Custom T-Shirts Maker Malaysia

Custom T-shirts are becoming increasingly popular among companies, schools and families in Malaysia. Majority of these t-shirts are customized to suit the theme of various events like sponsorship, fundraising, sports, holiday activities and more.

That means one is free to choose the logo, colour and message they want printed on the t-shirt. And for a company or organization that wants to order for team custom t shirts online, there are many reliable T-shirt makers in Malaysia to contact. However, before doing that, there are a number of things that one might need to know.

Our T-shirt Tailoring Services for Your Team

Marathon t-shirts

Marathon t-shirts

We specialise in making personalised products for various events. Some of the types of t-shirts online based tailors can make include:

They can also make customised t-shirts for employees to be used for purposes of brand endorsement or customised family shirts for an outing event. Other types of t-shirts that a custom t shirt maker can design and print include:

Is Ordering Team Custom T Shirts Expensive in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, the cost of each t-shirt order an individual or company makes depends on a number of aspects including material and size of logo or text.

For instance, team t-shirts made from combed cotton, organic cotton or Pima Supima cotton are more expensive that those designed from polyester, linen or modal because of the difference in quality of material.

Also, team t-shirts that require large logo or design imprints with lots of texts might cost one more because of the time the designer will take and the amount of ink used.

 Why Us?

We are a quality online local shirts supplier. Besides order a ready make shirt, we are able to help print logo, name on some of shirt and sport wear. All you need to do is choose the design you want, upload your logo and desired text and our expert designers will complete the job for you. And with our high quality running shirts materials, we ensure you enjoy the most comfortable experience when running.


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