Nylon Fabric

Nylon Fabric

Nylon fabric is a type of synthetic fibre that’s made from petroleum, coal, air and water. The materials used in making nylon are commonly referred to as polyamides. Commercial nylon polymers are usually made by reacting monomers like lactams, acids or a stoichiometric mixture of diacids( -COOH) and diamines(-NH2).

Nylon fabric used in making clothing isn’t derived from chips but from nylon fibres. To come up with strands of plastic yarn, nylon chips are melted and then drawn through a spinneret. The resulting fibres can vary in length and thickness depending on the size and drawing of the holes. Manufacturers can sometimes combine hundreds or thousands of strands to produce even thicker and stronger yarns.

Characteristics of Nylon Fabric

One of the prominent characteristics of nylon fabric is that it’s thermoplastic i.e. it melts and turns runny when heated to around 260 degrees Celsius or 500 degrees Fahrenheit. The material is also generally strong, tough and durable. Being a synthetic fabric, nylon is highly resistant to mould, fungi and insects.

Other prominent characteristics include the following:

  • It’s resistant to sunlight and weathering
  • It’s highly waterproof
  • Readily resists any form of abrasion
  • Does not shrink or stretch when washed
  • Has a softer hand feel
  • Comes with superior colourfastness

Types of Shirts Suitable For Using Nylon Fabric

After its invention in the 1930’s, nylon was largely applied in making parachutes, flak vests, women’s stockings and umbrellas. As time went by, its applications widened and many clothing manufacturers saw an opportunity to create weather-resistant shirts. Currently, the market is filled with endless designs of nylon casual shirts, nylon formal shirts, nylon family shirts and nylon t-shirts. The shirts can even be customized for events, office wear and sportswear.

Nylon Clothing

Nylon Clothing

Types of Nylon

Cast Nylon (Type6)

Cast Nylon naturally has less stress and lower moisture absorption rates. It also tends to be more crystalline, has more crystalline structure and is available in small diameter rods. Its main applications include manufacture of brushes, gear, pulleys, pads, rollers, blades, sprockets and more.

Extruded Nylon (Type 6, 6)

This type of nylon is usually light, tough and has high tensile strength. Its lightweight and waterproof material makes it ideal for manufacture of swimwear, parachutes, airbags, shirts and t-shirts. Extruded nylon is easy to dye but highly resistant to fading, making it one of the best materials for clothing manufacture.

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