Denim Fabric

Denim Fabric


Denim is a strong cotton warp-faced fabric that’s largely used in making jeans, overalls among other types of clothing. The fabric is basically created by passing the weft (horizontal threads) under two or more warp threads (Vertical threads). In most cases, the warp threads are indigo-dyed while the weft threads are left untouched in their white colour. That causes the jeans fabric to be coloured on the outside and while on the inside.

Denim Characteristics

Denim has lots of characteristics including:

  • It has a sturdy and strong fabric that’s durable
  • It l can provide different levels of sparkling, stretching and flowing depending on the fabric composition
  • It is simple to dye and easy to bleach
  • It creases easily
  • It can fold into a range of pleats and forms
  • It clothing are generally long-wearing and easy to care

Types of Shirts Suitable For Using Denim

Denim fabric is largely used in the clothing manufacturers to make trousers, skirts, dresses, jackets, shorts, overalls, suits, shirts, jeans and more. Denim shirts come in a range of designs and colour shades. Majority of the shirt designs-for both men and women- are mostly meant for casual wear. The shirts can vary from long-sleeved, to short-sleeved all through pocketed and faded shirt designs.

Types of Denim

Organic Denim

Organic denim is manufactured from 100 percent organic cotton. Ideally, the cotton used in making this fabric is grown and nurtured using natural means rather than pesticides and fertilizers. Clothing made from such material are soft, easy to wash and comfortable to wear.

Selvage Denim

This type of denim has a smooth natural edge which does not unravel. Selvage is more expensive compared to other fabric because it’s made using the traditional shuttle looms, which take more time to weave.

Stretch Denim

Stretch denim features a mixture of cotton and spandex with each of the fibres consisting of 98 percent and 2 percent respectively. It is the most comfortable form of denim and allows wearers to move more freely compared to other denim fabrics.

Poly Denim

Poly denim fabric is great looking and easy to care. It tends to be lightweight and resistant to wrinkles. This type of fabric can be ideal for casual Fridays, where one wants to feel comfortable while still maintaining his or her professional look.

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