Cotton Fabric

cotton fabric

Cotton material is sourced from a soft, fluffy boll of mature cotton plant. After being picked, the cotton is taken through a mechanical process where fiber or lint cotton is separated from the seeds. The cotton material is then packed into bales and transported to a textile mill for cleaning and straightening. This process results in thin strands of cotton, which are spun into yarn and used for weaving or knitting cotton fabric.

Characteristics of Cotton Material

Natural cotton material is mainly characterized by a comfortable and soft feel. It’s also highly absorbent and breathable, which makes it perfect for making clothing worn close to the skin. Since cotton is a good conductor of heat, it can keep the body warm during winter and cool during summer.

Here are other properties of cotton:

  • Natural cotton is non-allergenic i.e. it doesn’t contain any chemicals
  • Cotton is easier to dye due to its natural whiteness
  • It is machine washable
  • It drapes well
  • It doesn’t have static cling because it can’t hold electric charges
  • Pure cotton is dry-cleanable

Types of Shirts Suitable For Using Cotton

Due to its versatility, natural comfort and performance, cotton is considered one of the best materials for making shirts.

Cotton fibers can be woven or knitted into

  • velvet
  • flannel
  • chambray
  • jersey
  • velour or corduroy fabrics

Some of the clothing that can be produced from natural cotton include shirts (both casual and formal), t-shirts, jeans, socks and more.

Types of Cotton

Organic cotton

Organic cotton

Organic cotton

This type of cotton is grown and raised with minimal or no pesticides and fertilizers. It tends to be softer and more comfy compared to other clothing material. Organic cotton fabric can be great choice for those looking for eco-friendly fashion.

Pima Supima

Pima cotton is the highest and most expensive quality of cotton in the world. It’s characterized by extra-long fibers that make the fabric soft but long-lasting. Shirts and clothing made form this cotton are resistant to pilling, fading and stretching.

Combed Cotton

Combed cotton is made from cotton fibers that have gone through special treatment and further processing. Apart from its softness and high tensile strength, combed cotton is resistant to both pilling and fading.

Canvas Cotton

This type of cotton is characterized by heavy and long-lasting material. It’s typically plain-weave and rugged cotton material ideal for making shirts that offer protection from cold.



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