Blended Fabric

Blended Fabric

Blended fabrics material is created with a combination of two or more fibres-each with its own unique properties. The resulting material is usually comfortable, easy to care for and convenient to wash. Majority of fabric blends are usually made with natural and synthetic fibres. Natural fibres are sourced from plants and animals while synthetics are developed scientifically, mostly from chemicals such as petroleum.

For instance, Cotton and Polyester blend brings together certain fibre qualities that complement each other. Cotton is usually soft and comfort to wear yet it wrinkles easily.

On the other hand, Polyester material is highly resistant to wrinkling and shrinking. When the two fabrics are combined together, they results in a material that’s both comfortable and wrinkle-resistant.

Characteristics of Blended Fabrics

Most blended fabrics feature materials that have improved appearance and fibre strength. They also come in distinctive design patterns and colouring effects, which allows the wearer to enjoy unique fashion products. Polyester and cotton are perfect choice for making business shirts as the material is comfortable to wear and care for.

Other key properties of blended fabrics include:

  • Smooth texture and optimum softness
  • Stylish patterns
  • Mesmerizing designs
  • Easy to wash and durable material

Types of Shirts Suitable For Use of Blended Fabrics

Blended fabrics are highly utilized in clothing industries in designing shirts, clothes, dresses, scarves, upholstery and other home ornamenting items. The type of shirt the resulting fabric will be used to make largely depends on the amount or percentage of each individual yarn put in the combination. However, most natural-synthetic blend materials can be used to make formal shirts, casual shirts, jerseys, dresses and more.

Major Types of Blended Fabrics 

Polyester and Cotton

Polyester and Cotton Blended Fabric

This is by far the most popular fabric blend in the market. It combines the breathable, lightweight and soft characteristics of cotton fibres with the wrinkle-resistant traits of polyester. Printed or solid dyed fabrics from this blend are high appraised for their smooth texture, moderate softness and exclusive colouring effect.

Spandex and Cotton

Spandex and Cotton Blended Fabric

The Spandex/cotton mix produces a perfect material for making sports clothing. While spandex is stretchy and durable, cotton is more breathable and control odour effectively. It is also a great material for making skinny jeans.

Wool and Polyester

Wool and Polyester Blended Fabric

This blend is mostly used in making winter coat and jerseys. Wool is usually warm and breathable while polyester adds strength to the fabric and maintains the shape of the garment.

Linen and Silk

Linen and Silk Blended Fabric

Linen creases easily while silk is easy to fold. Combining these two fibres results in a garment or clothing that doesn’t crease readily and that will drape much better.



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