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For a typical casual or professional biker in Malaysia, wearing a biker jacket or biker jersey is a must. Biker jackets are mostly designed to offer motorcycle riders protection against cold and rain.

While on the other hand, biker jerseys are made for cyclists who are looking for lightweight material that easily soaks and evaporates sweat. These types of clothing come in different designs, materials and sizes to fit the unique needs of every bicycle or motorcycle rider.

Below are some of the important things you might need to know about biker jackets and jerseys.

Importance of Wearing Biker Jackets and Biker Jerseys

  • Biker jerseys come with moisture-wicking properties that ensures comfort of the biker
  • Biker jackets are designed with leather that protects motorcycle riders from cold and/or heat
  • Close-fitting motorcycle jackets come with protective padding that neutralizes impact during crash
  • Biker jerseys are soft and lightweight which allows bikers to cover long distances hassle-free
  • Biker jackets come with extra pockets for storage of devices and other personal items
Biker Jerseys

Biker Jerseys

Types of Materials That Can Be Used For Biker Jackets and Jerseys 

Biker Jackets

1. Leather

Leather material is largely employed in making biker or motorcycle jackets. This type of fabric may be sourced from sheepskin, cowhide and buckskin or antelope skin. Biker jackets are typically dyed black but others come in shades of brown and other colors.

2. Kevlar

Kevlar is a para-aramid synthetic fiber used in making padding for biker jacket shoulders and elbows. The material simply acts as protection against any impact in case of a motorcycle crash.

Biker Jerseys

1. Polyester

Polyester is a synthetic fiber that’s created from among other materials petroleum. This type of material is provides excellent moisture-wicking properties and is highly durable. Polyester is also colorfast and tends to maintain its shape over time.

2. Nylon

Nylon is a synthetic material made from a family of polymers typically polyamides. Nylon fabric is strong and tends to have high elongation. It can also be made to be either lustrous or semi-lustrous. It’s also extremely lightweight, easy to dye and highly resistant to mildew and rot.

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