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About us

MY Shirt Tailor is a local custom printed t-shirts services in Malaysia. We help your team to design and tailor your shirts to suit your school events, performances, competitions, club activities, family parties and other events requirement.

Over three decades, we provide professional tailoring service in Muar, Malaysia.

You can now design your own shirt for your team and company and order through online. We able to offer you completely customized and tailored t-shirts services for your company or industry. Our team will ensure the quality and precision of all shirts.

Our company feels proud for our excellent and highly committed services. At our company, everything revolves around the customer’s satisfaction as they are the first priority for us.


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Our Vision

We aim to become the top online tailoring services in Malaysia, the most trusted in the Malaysia tailor industry.

Our Mission

To provide high quality and most cost effective custom team tailoring services to our customers and ensure their satisfaction.